Uganda warned Refugees on mob justice.

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

The Office of the Prime Minister, department of Refugees has warned refugees against involving themselves in an acts of Mob Justice in settlements.

Solomon Osakan, Refugees Desk Officer made this remarks to Juba Monitor at Arua District refugee’s desk office.

Osakan said there were challenges in the settlements were a national was killed by refugees and other situation refugees fought amongst themselves and a boy was killed.

He said this kind of mob justice is discouraged in the refugees’ settlements saying that they have been sensitizing refugees using community policing.

Osakan added that the OC police officer of Yoro base camps has gone on sensitizing refugees to ensure that mob justice is not taken up and the cases of fights that incites violence in the refugee’s settlement must be reported.

RDO urged the refugees to report issues affecting them to their leaders and Uganda police rather than fighting in the camps and incites more violence amongst themselves while they ran away from a heavy gun shots in their country looking for total peace.

He added that, another great challenge they are facing is that many refugees are not respecting and adhering to the standard producers of COVID-19 Preventives in the camps, especially the night curfew.

Osakan said many youths moves all night disrupting the patrol, and the security forces in the camps are implementing the directives of the president and all citizens must be at their homes from 7:00 pm to 6:300 am.

He urged all the refugees in all the Ugandan settlement to observer and respects the standard guarding operation producers, saying that gathering a large crowd is not permitted.

RDO stated that if anyone wants to conduct any training in the camps, must formally ask for permission and then observe social distance, wearing facemasks, hand washing among many guidelines.

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