UDS 10 M  Secured for women empowerment

Nhial Deng Nhial Minister of Foreign Affairs addresses Journalists at Juba

International  Airport on Wednesday (Photo by Sheila Ponnie)

By Sheila Ponnie

The government has secured USD 10 million from the United Arabs Emirates [UAE] for women empowerment.

Nhial Deng Nhial Foreign Affairs Minister said the 10 million US dollar would be used for funding small and medium enterprises for the women.

“This money is provided for by the United Arabs Emirates as a grant to impact skills on some young women to train them in business,” he said.

“After that they will be given some small amount of money to start their own businesses,” Nhail added.

The minister said they expected to secure more money if the first programme succeeded.

He made the remarks on Wednesday upon returning from the UAE where he said they had signed a number of bilateral agreements.

The government delegation to the Emirates was led by President Salva Kiir who returned to the country with his team.

Nhial said the government had signed bilateral development treaty with UAE that called for investment grantee.

He said that all UAE investors would be allowed to repatriate their profits and asset easily without problem.

He said that in the agreement any Emirate investor whether individual or corporate entity in South Sudan would not pay double taxes.

The minister said any business firm that paid tax to the government would be exempted back home.

“This has severely strengthened investors to come in the country,” Nhial said

The Memorandum of Understating also grant Emirate citizens and investors a free entry to South Sudan without visa.

“They will be given visa on arrival. This is a measure that will help to ease doing business in the country,” he explained.

Nhial said they had also agreed on capacity building and training opportunities for South Sudanese diplomats, adding the diplomats would receive the training in the UAE.

On the oil sector, Nhial said the UAE government discussed how they could help to expand on oil production.

However, he said there was no agreement reached at, “Soon a delegation of technicians would come from the UAE to Juba to explore further with their counterparts.

Nhial said the UAE team of experts would discuss how solar and energy can be introduced and renewable including wind mill energy to provide power.

He said the MoU would be approved by Council of Ministers and be tabled to the Transitional National Assembly Legislative Assembly for approval.

“This agreement is very important because this is the first time ever for South Sudan to conclude such agreement. It is a clear signal to the international community that we are ready to do business and that peace had come. “ we are ready now to receive investments and to solicit for external funds to help the country in development,” he said.






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