UDF party calls for unity

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

The Secretary General of United Democratic Front (UDF) has called on the party members to unite and promote peace.

Moses Pieny Deng told Juba Monitor in an interview that 2020 should be a year of peace, unity and reconciliation as it has started at the beginning.

“We are very clear at the beginning; we say there is no need for war. For us in the party we wish that this year 2020 should be for unity, peace, reconciliation and forgiveness among ourselves because it is time for the party to come and sit together to unite as brothers and sisters,” Pieng said.

In the previous years the UDF has been gripped with power struggle.

“As I speak to you now we are behind leadership of  Sebastiano Uchan since he took over as chairman of the party because in the party’s constitution says when the Chairman is absented for almost 45 days immediately the Deputy chairman will take the position,” Peing explained.

He stressed that the constitution of the party do not support people who take gun and go to the bush, referring to the former chairman of UDF.

“We have differences in the party but we call this division as administrative division. One day one time we will be together as brothers and sisters, Pieng stressed.

“The division of the party came when the former chairman of the party Mr. Peter Abdulrahman Sule defected against the government and event against the party,” he explained.

He said the former chairman Sule took gun against the government knowing the party did not have paramilitary wing.

“For us in the party when you defect and take a gun we say no, we are not with you,” Pieng stressed.

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