UDF celebrates Torit Revolution Day in Juba

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The United Democratic Front Party (UDF) has celebrated the 65th Torit Revolution 18th August, 1955.

In 1955, a military unit called Equatoria corps that was formed during the Anglo-Egyptian administration mutinied in Torit Equatoria.

The rebellion that merged from Equatoria Corps was later called Anyanya and the leaders were separatists, who demanded the creation of separate South Sudan Nation free from Arabs dominance.

Speaking during the celebration ceremony, Daniel Ruat the Deputy Secretary General of the United Democratic Front Youth League called on the Youth in the country to have the spirit of the leaders of Torit revolution Nationalism among them for the betterment of the country.  

“As we celebrate this day, UDF are calling on the youth of South Sudan to come out from hiding under culture of tribal umbrella, associations and to instill the spirit of the leaders of Torit revolution Nationalism,” said Mr. Ruot

“Let us identify ourselves as youth of South Sudan, generation that has to play an instrumental role in building bridges between our communities and development,” he added.

He said the Revitalized Peace Agreement is the least costly solution to plethora of problems facing the country adding that only through the implementation of the agreement in good faith that South Sudan may be able to instate a government of people.

However, he called for the engagement and representation of youth at all levels of at the current government.

For his part, Betty Juan Henry the party’s’ secretary for women and childhood called on women in the country to standup and fight for their rights in the country.

She said the 18th Torit revolution paved the way for South Sudanese to have equal rights and to be heard as existing people living in South Sudan.

“Our heroes were executed just because they demanded for their rights as human beings, their rights for equal treatment, therefore, we need to stand up for our rights especially the women. Let us not hide ourselves, we need to come out and demand for our position,” she said.

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