UAP release 120,948 USD for construction of Al Sabbah Hospital

UAP Insurance has donated 120,948 US dollars for the reconstruction of Al Sabbah children hospital in Juba.

Morris Loguya Wani, a staff of the UAP Insurance Company said they have directed the construction company to start their work in the hospital as soon as possible.

“After the completion of the reconstruction, we will provide medicines, mattresses, beds, mosquito nets and other hospital furniture,” he said.

Wani said they want to improve the condition of the children’s hospital in order to reduce the death rate among children in the country.

He said UAP Insurance provides assistance in the fields of health, education and environment saying last year the company donated some medicines to AL Sabbah hospital.

“The company had planned to renovate the hospital since last year but we could not manage and now the MBF construction company will start their work soon,” Wani said.

Director General in Jubek state ministry of health Dr. Salyi Samuel has appreciated the UAP for the help they have given to community in Jubek state.

He said the ministry was unable to renovate the hospital because of the crisis that the whole country is going through.

He appealed to the UAP Insurance Company to extend their support to the counties within Jubek state since a big population of the state lack proper health services.

“The ministry is facing a lot of challenges in regards to infant mortality rate and if other companies in Juba like UAP could also give their help, this will reduce death rate among children,” Dr. Samuel said.

He said Juba Teaching Hospital is the country’s main hospital and will not accommodate both adults and the children at the same time.

He said the state ministry of health will follow up with MBF Company to start the construction work.

Meanwhile, the Medical Director for Al Sabbah children’s hospital Emmanuel Thiaba Maden said though the amount of money being donated is less but is better than nothing.

He said Al Sabbah children hospital is receiving more than hundred sick children a day saying the hospital is not enough to admit more children.

Maden appreciated the UAP Insurance ahead of its plan to provide the hospital with mattresses and beds.

“Now we are facing problem of beds and mattresses and many children are still being admitted, there is no way we can send them back home,” he said.

By Asunta Alith

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