U S Embassy Condemns looting of humanitarian food inWarrap

By Wek Atak Kacjang

United States’ Embassy in Juba has called on the government to immediately investigate and punish those involved in communal fighting and looting in Warrap State.

On Thursday last week, inter-communal fighting left more than twelve people dead in renewed clashes between two communities of Lou Paher and Luacjang of Tonj East and Tonj North.

In the letter seen by Juba Monitor, it indicates that the looting has left people already facing catastrophic levels of food insecurity to even less food assistance and the potential of losing more lives.

The U.S Embassy in Juba disclosed that the violence has also resulted in the looting of food and nutrition commodities.

“The Embassy urged the government of South Sudan to use the law and the country’s international human rights obligations to hold perpetrators of violence and criminal looting of assistance accountable,” document said.

On 26 May, World Food Program Country Director Matthew Hollingworth has condemned looting of the International Organization food assistance and destruction of humanitarian storage facilities in Pibor Administrative Area.WFP said some 550 metric tons of food, enough to feed 33,000 food insecure people for one month, were looted and others destroyed in Gumuruk recently.

The organization has been outraged by the senseless violence and theft of its food assistance in Gumuruk, where people are on the brink of starvation and need every bit of assistance they can get to survive.

It revealed that the food included cereals, pulses, cooking oil and nutrition supplements for the treatment and prevention of malnutrition in children and women.

Hollingworth called on all the parties and groups in South Sudan to respect the neutrality of humanitarian workers and vital installations.

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