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By Mandela Nelson Denis

A county court in Nimule has sentenced a man to two years in prison for defaming a businessman.

Mawut Simon Apiu pleaded guilty to charges of defamation and intimidation, crimes he committed against Deng Daniel, the complainant.

He was convicted under Section 2:4:5 and 2:8:9 of the Constitutional by the Grade One Judge Paul Kuol Dau.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview after the ruling, Judge Kuol said the accused pleaded guilty to charges of defamation and intimidation.

Kuol said the offence was committed on facebook, and that there was evidence the accused posted a lot of words against the complainant.

“The accused accepted that he posted the words on Facebook and the document there is the name of the complaint being accused of using black money,” said judge Kuol.

Mawut has right to appeal within 15days according to Judge Paul Kuol.

He advised youth to use social media productively in order to avoid getting into troubles.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in a phone interview, Deng Daniel who opened the case against Mawut said that the defamation started in 2015 and several attempts were made to resolve the matter amicably but all failed.

“Mawut would post a lot of bad things against me accusing me of using witchcraft to get money, being a black money dealer, calling me illuminati and many other things but I used to ignore until it become too much and I filed a case against him,” Deng said.

Deng said due to the allegations against, his image was destroyed.

“Some people I was doing business with believed whatever was posted and in return I lost business with them but for those who understand me never believed the negativity posted,” said the relieved Deng.

Deng is a business man in the Nimule town bordering Uganda. He is also the founder of Castle Forwarders and Forwarding Company dealing in clearing and forwarding of goods.

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