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Two UNMISS staff released from custody

The government of Western Lakes state has decided to forgive and release two UNMISS Staff arrested on the 13th June, 2017 for allegedly reporting on the looting and burning of civilians’ houses.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the Governor of Western Lakes state, Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol confirmed the release of Mr. Mangar Chol and Mawut Gabriel.

“Despite their wrong doing, we have freed and released the two officials due to the tireless follow up of UNMISS head of field office, Mr. Kwame” said Gen. Chut.

“All the documented investigations concerning negative reports which they have gathered against the government are with us and will be distributed everywhere,” said Gen. Chut.

The Governor threatened and warned the two UNMISS staff of further arrest should they continue with negative reporting against the government.

The two officials were arrested last month in June in connection with the reports of military intervention in burning more than 40 civilian houses and community farms, destruction and massive looting of civilian goats, food items and chicken in 3 villages of Ror-nhom  especially in Akor, Pankunyuk and Ler-acitheh respectively and another report was about the incident where armed youth of Gony and Dhiei attacked Cuei-adukan four times sparkling into massive raiding of milk cows meant for children and goats as a result of hunger in the state.

In a separate interview, the Governor said the general situation in Rumbek is currently calm without reports of new clashes.

“We are just targeting Gelwong armed youth who usually sit on the roadside to loot properties of people by picking up their guns from their hands,” said the Governor.








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