Two suspects confessed to shooting of Bishop

Six suspects arranged in Court with their defense lawyers

BY John Agok

The two of the six suspects accused of shooting the Bishop-elect in Rumbek last year were admitted to have carried out the act yesterday, but pointing fingers at master planners including some priests.

The historic case sought six suspects including the priest implicated in the shooting admitted the plan attack meant to scare the White elected Bishop away and pave way for qualified indigenous  Priests to mention their names.

Historic case hearing is being attended by a jury comprising of eleven lawyers including the presiding judge, family members of the suspects, and church clergy all present.

Five prosecutors from the government presenting evidence and four defense lawyers of the suspects argued the case before Judge Alexandra Subek at Juba High Court.

Advocate Malith Mading, the defense lawyer requested for the right of accused to speak in English or seek translation under article 203 and was granted by the judge. Prosecutor read out statements recorded during the preliminary investigation from each of the six suspects.

The two suspects namely; Morris Sabit Ater and Laat Makur Agok have admitted in their recorded statements read out before the jury.

“It started at dark around 6:30 pm and we had met on how to take shooting of Bishop and we met twice to plan for it. We were using two AK47, I shot eight bullets, but three bullets refused to explode”, said 22 yrs Sabit Ater.

“ I and Sabit Ater planned to shoot Bishop at 12:30 am attack , I shot five bullets  just to scare him away and why bringing white man while we have qualified indigenous priests that, include, Fr. John Mathiang Macol, Fr. Marko Tong , Fr. Luka Dor and Fr. Andrea Osman”,  said a 39-year old LaatAgok Makur Agok

The two AK47, one itel phone and fifteen bullets including the unfired ones were evidence-based items presented before the court.

However, the defense lawyers were among prosecutors include; Adv. Malith Mading, Adv. Madit Buot Kuet, Adv.  Emanuel Manesh Mangok and Adv. Arieth Bol.

The defense lawyers also called on the Court to speed up a trial in free and fair justice, claiming their clients have been in custody for long and even asked for  one person  who is  ill  for rightful and meaningful treatment.

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