Two students shot dead in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

Two students were shot dead at Pan-Barkou village, Rumbek East County on Wednesday by unknown gunmen. The killing is believed to be a revenge attack based on communal conflict as it is common in Lakes State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Brig. Gen. Mathiang Bol Ater said the operation police identified the victims as Matur Lueth Makuac and Maciek Maker Malual.

“I have been in the scene of the incident with organized forces doing patrol along the main road between Cueicok, Maleng-agok, Pacong and Panawac where there was tensions between rivals sections of Gony and Thuyic,” he said.

Ater said the situation has returned to normal, saying according to some information they acquired from the relatives of the victims, claimed it was revenge killing.

“Our members of the police are searching for those culprits who killed two students in Pan-Barkou and to bring them for investigation,” he said. 

However, there has been a continuous revenge attacks in Lakes State since 2006 that have killed thousands of lives.

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