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Two sentenced to imprisonment for rape

Two sentenced to imprisonment for rape

Mr. Kizito John (L), sentenced to seven years imprisonment and Mr. James Wani sentenced to six 6 months imprisonment during a court verdict at High Court, in Juba on Monday (Photo by Manyuon Mayen Manyuon)


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The High court has sentenced one person to seven years imprisonment and another one to six months imprisonment for an alleged rape case that involved five gentlemen.

The two convicted of the rape case were accused of raping 18 year old lady last year behind Juba teaching hospital until the court found them guilty yesterday.

19 years old, Kizito John and James Wani were arrested by the police on 23rd November, 2018 in connection to the rape of a young school girl after an event in Supiri High school that brought together thousands of students on board.

While reading out a verdict yesterday at High court in Juba, Mr. Angole Kot, a judge in the High court, Juba circuit said the two were charged with rape and theft under section 247 and 293 of the penal code of South Sudan.

“Kizito John was charged with rape as one of the people who slept with the lady without her concern under section 247 and 19 years old James Wani was also charged with theft since he grabbed the lady’s phone and owned it forcefully under section 293 of the penal code respectively. The sentence of the first convict started from the 23rd November, 2017 and the second convict starts from yesterday 26th March 2018,” Mr. Kot stated.

Mr. Kot said that the two convicted persons have right to appeal the decision within two weeks from today 26th ( yesterday} March.

“The two convicted persons have the right to appeal the verdict within two weeks from 26th March 2018,” he added.

Malish Hakim, a father of the lady welcomed the decision taken by the High Court.

“People must work according to the rule and law and let us not put laws in to our hand. In case of any criminal act like what happened, let us not put the law into hands rather wait for the justice delivery,” he added.

He urged the people who are always involved in those issues to refrain from causing gender violence.

“This criminal act will not help us, so let us refrain from them and do what we think will help people and let us allow vulnerable people to enjoy their rights,” he revealed.

Molana Robert Badri, a Lead prosecution lawyer said the two deserve the total penalty as issued by the High Court.

“We on the prosecution side are contented with the ruling despite the circumstances we face in the course of following up, we welcome the judiciary for having passed the decision within reasonable time,” he added.

Mr. Badri said that this sentence will send a message to the people about impunity as a measure gender base violence.

“We hope this sentence will send a message that impunity can never be tolerated. Women who suffer GBV must always come forward and report the case in order to ensure that the victims of GBV were always brought to book.”

He appealed to the people who ever do such to disappear from doing such since the constitution condemned it saying that it was a gender base violence.

“My message is that our constitution condemned such act because these are criminal acts. They will never be tolerated again, so don’t sit on the claim, come forward and report to the police such that your rights will be granted to you,” Molana Badri revealed.




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