Two people killed in Mapuordit, Lakes States

By Mabor Riak Magok

At least two people have been killed in Mapourdit Payam, Yirol West County Lakes State by an armed youth alleged to be from the neighboring Kokhor village of Mvolo county, Western Equatoria State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in Rumbek, the Secretary General of the defunct Eastern Lakes State Barnaba Mayor Deng confirm the attack saying the attack occurred at 8:00 pm at Alel Village of Mapuordit, near the hospital.

He said the attackers who are armed youth raided number of goats and looted sleeping materials such as mattresses and other essential properties in the village.

Mayor revealed that the cause of the clashes was triggered by revenge killing and raiding of cattle that took place last month between Mapuordit Youth and Kakhor Youth of Lakes and Western Equatoria States.

“I am appealing to youth on both sides of Mapuordit and Kakhor to cease form inter-communal hostilities, revenge killing and raiding of cattle. Peace has come in the country and everyone needs to work for peace and reconciliation,” said Mayor.

However, as the attack took place near the hospital, the Deputy Director for administration of Maria Immaculate Mapuordit Hospital, Dr. Makur Ater Bol also confirmed the attack saying the attackers were repulsed by the local community armed Youth in the area.

He said there were no causalities brought to the Mapuordit hospital since the clashes occurred. Adding that the hospital has resumed it operation normally though being guarded by the security forces.

“Maria Immaculate Mapuordit hospital is operating. The government has deployed security forces to guard the patients and doctors,” said Dr. Bol.

Dr. Bol said insecurity in the area has caused a massive displacement of local communities between Mapuordit and Kakhor and especially women and children.

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