Two people killed Along Juba-Bor road

The Information Minister of Jonglei state Jacob Akec Dengdit said two people were killed last weekend when armed men attacked a vehicle travelling from Juba to Bor.

The attack took place on Saturday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone yesterday, Dengdit allegedly said, that the attackers were from Boma state.

“Confirming to us on the phone that. There was an attack on Juba-Bor road on Saturday at a place called Khor-Makuac where two people died on spot and one of the attackers was killed and the car was burnt beyond recognition ,”said Mr.  Dengdit.

“According to the message we got from the helpless survived people, they said these were criminals from Boma state. Stressing that is what we got from survival, added Dengdit’’.

He said some of the passengers ran away safely from land cruiser hardtop.

He said the cessation of hostilities agreement signed between Jonglei and Boma states in Juba on Tuesday last week has been violated by the last Saturday’s attack.

But the Information Minister of Boma state Achon John denied any attack carried out by youth from Boma state on Juba-Bor road.

“I don’t know this information because Juba-Bor road is not near our road. For us we use Juba-Pibor road directly. So, I don’t know actually,” Minister John said.

“For me, the cessations of hostilities agreement is still working and that we are waiting to a sign a final peace accord on comprehensive peace agreement in June. For us we are for peace not for war and the cessation of hostilities agreement signed is still holding up to the expectation” the minister continued.

He said the two governments should punish any suspected criminals who continue to cause havoc once detected from the two sides.

On his part, the Press Secretary of Boma state Governor Kiringen Yoman said there are so many criminals on Juba-Bor road who should be not attributed to Boma state.

“We are still committed to the cessation of hostilities agreement. Our road is Juba-Pibor road which is still impassable right now,” Yoman said.

“Such a claim is baseless. We never heard of any attack and we are for peace,” he said.

The Information Minister of Jonglei state also accused the youth of Pibor of attacking Duk Padiet County with the aim of raiding cattle from the area.

“On Friday last week, there was a crossfire where suspected criminals from Boma attacked the youth in a place called Donchak in Duk Padiet County. They were there to raid cattle and then they were chased away,” Minister Dengdit said.

“Also on Friday last week, there was an old lady in Panpandiar in Gok County here in Jonglei who went to her farm. When she was coming back from the farm she was attacked. They were telling her to sit down. Then they stabbed her with a knife four times,” he said.

“They left her unconscious and ran away, then she heard them talking and saying that they were criminals from Boma state,” the Information explained.

He said with the series of attacks it means the cessation of hostilities agreement signed last week in Juba between the two states is been violated. But the authorities of Boma state said the agreement is still in place.

Minister Dengdit also said the authorities of Jonglei state still call for the peace process between the two sisterly states to continue.

“We as the authorities of Jonglei, still call for the peace process to continue. But we are calling on the national government and Ismail Konyi – the Governor of Boma state to call on all the youth of Boma state to lay down their weapons. Let them stop killing the innocent people, raiding their cattle and go back to their state so that they allow people to go back to their farms,” he said.

He urged the national government and the United Nations Mission in South Sudan to intervene as soon as possible in order to stop cattle raiding, bloodshed and child abduction between the two states respectively .

By Sworo Charles Elisha

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