Two people injured after gun fight in Akobo

By James Atem Kuir

Two men have suffered gunshot wounds inflicted on them during gun fight on Thursday, the county authorities have reported.

The two rival men exchanged gun fire after disagreement stemming from old family disputes according to the executive director of Akobo County.

J. Luak said the fighting almost escalated on Wednesday morning after armed relatives of one of the men tried to raid the hospital where the two were receiving treatment to revenge but security forces immediately intervened and arrested the culprits.

“There are two men from different families who engaged in gun fire yesterday at around 4 PM. These guys were having problems sometimes back. They got some gunshot wounds of which they were admitted and operated in the same hospital,” he said in an interview with Juba Monitor from Akobo yesterday.

“Today morning (Wednesday morning), some family members of one of the men who were shot in the stomach tried to carry out a revenge attack on the other men in the hospital. But as the government, we intervened in time and guarded the hospital arresting the three men but we released them later after they agreed to leave their guns,” he added.

The county official further said the situation in the area has remained calm since then.

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