Two murdered in Magwi over poison allegation

By James Atem Kuir

Two elderly people were killed and several others got injured after family members of a four year old baby-girl who died of suspected poison ganged up and attacked alleged suspects in their neighborhood in Magwi County in Eastern Equatoria on Friday last week.

The unnamed old man and woman aged 80 and 65 respectively died after being beaten up by the angry relatives of the little baby-girl who died of assumed poison earlier that day.

“On 25th last week in Magwi County, a small child was poisoned and after she died, the relatives went and attacked people they suspected to have poisoned her, beating up anyone they found and as a result fighting broke out.

Two elderly people were killed, one is an eighty year old man and a sixty five year old woman then another lady was seriously injured as a result. The child was a four year-old baby girl,” Maj. Daniel Justin told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview yesterday.

The National Police Spokesperson said the injured were receiving treatment at Torit hospital after police forces in the area immediately intervened and de-escalated the situation.

He however said that no one was arrested in connection with the fighting while investigations into the actual cause of the incident were underway.

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