Two killed, three injured in Mangateen

By: Elia Joseph Loful

Two young men belonging to gang groups popularly known as “Niggers” were killed and three others injured on Sunday evening in Mangateen residential area, Chairman William Diew said.

Tek who is the chairman of the Mangaten near New Site told Juba Monitor that the two boys were killed after a fight that aroused among them.

“The so call niggers are the ones who killed themselves not other people. The police came and disperses them, only one person was arrested and the rest ran away,” Diew said.

A police officer was among those injured. Tek did not explain how the police officer was injured.

Last week similar case happened in the same IDP camp after groups of “Gang” fought among them injuring one during the scuffle.

During the festive season over 30 gangs groups particularly in Gumbo were arrested by the police joint operation.

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