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Two killed in Yeri along Mundri-Maridi road

(Photo courtesy) Description map showing western Equatoria State

By Bida Elly David

Western Equatoria state government has reported that at least two young men were killed in Langowa (Yeri) between Mundri and Maridi.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Western Equatoria state Minister of Information,William Adriano said, earlier this week, two boys were killed by attackers in Langowa (Yeri) along Mundri-Maridi road.

He pointed out that results from the investigation carried showed that the attackers who killed the two innocent boys were from the forces of Maj. Gen James Nando who were earlier sent by the SSPDF for screening from Tambura to Maridi.

William lamented that the murderers were apprehended alongside with their bike, 400,000 SSP as well as fish meant for commercial purpose.

‘’When investigation went further, we came to realise that the attackers were forces loyal to Nando. We arrested them along with their bike as well as squandered 400,000SSP including the fish they were carrying with them to Maridi for sale’’ He said

At the same juncture, William pointed out that the culprits were in Maridi custody waiting to be taken to Yambio.

‘’The attackers are currently in Maridi ready to be transferred to Yambio for further interrogations’’

Furthermore, he revealed that he received a condemnation letter from the Deputy Chairperson for Greater Mundri County demanding the evacuation of the Nando forces upon killing their two sons in Yeri or else further conflict will arise.

‘’I received a letter from the Deputy chairperson of Greater Mundri Community demanding the evacuation of Nando forces from the County or else they will term it as a violation of the memorandum of understanding and the result shall be further conflict’’ William added

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