Two Killed in Kit, Obama Village

By: Ochan David Silvio

 Two people including a young child were reported killed yesterday (2/3/2022) in the Kit area (also known as Obama village) in an act of revenge attacked by the cattle herders as tension expound in Magwi County.

This unexpected raid took place during the daytime when people were busy with their day-to-day life

Kenyi one of the deceased who hailed from the Bari community was shot dead while on his way from fishing. His other friend who was in his company was injured and he is now recovering possibly from a machete injury.

They (cattle herder) also abducted 18 years old childbearing mother of three months old, her faith remains at large as the body of the boy abducted together with Lalam is recovered from the nearby bush.

The plight of people in Magwi is causing havoc as civilians flee and humanitarian needs grow in areas that have been calm and peaceful for many years.

 In the Jomoki area (a village between Amee junction and Obama village), some groups of herders attacked residents and they have removed all Simard’s in an attempt to deny residents access to communication and reporting.

Marino Olal, an area chief of Obama Village who spoke from Magwi town confirmed the incident and that he was overwhelmed by the pleas of his people who are desperate to leave Obama village for safety.

“People are deserting Obama village massively; the scale of human suffering is growing as several families fear they cannot access bushes to collect firewood. A Police officer was disarmed and severely beaten during the raid in Obama village, he the (police officer) is now undergoing medical attention” he said.

The area chief (Marino) also revealed that some of the displaced families from the Kit area have arrived in Magwi and have joined their relatives.

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