Two killed, at least 2,000 cattle raided in Torit State

By Kitab A Unango

Two people have been killed and at least 2,000 heads of cattle stolen in Torit East County, authorities have confirmed.

Governor Tobiolo Alberio Oromo said armed youth from within the state carried out the attacks that led to the killings on Thursday last week.

“Of course two people were killed by cattle raiders who drove away good number of cattle,” said Tobiolo told Juba Monitor yesterday on phone from Torit.

He said such inhumane practices will not be condoned by his government as the country strives to maintain peace.

“These armed youth who carry out cattle theft and stealing goats this time while the country is engaged in the implementation of revitalized peace agreement, we will not allow them to take this opportunity to loot people’s properties,” he cautioned.

Governor Tobiolo stated that efforts were under way to recover the raided cattle. He said the suspected criminals were already rounded up by government forces to ascertain whether or not they committed such gross human rights violation.

“We have rounded up all the cattle camps and now we are organizing for complainers to come so that they can identify their cattle and they will be returned back to the rightful owners,” Tobiolo stated.

A community leader who identified himself only as Victor called on the state government to intervene quickly to prevent more crises in the county.

“The attackers went away with more than two thousands heads of cattle and the situation is still tense as I am talking. What I want is the government to find a way of resolving the issue as soon as possible to prevent further crisis.”

However, Governor Tobiolo said the situation has been contained and that the entire state was calm.

“The situation is calm. There is no problem now, the situation is normal,” Governor Tobiolo added.

Periodic cattle raid often lead to casualties between cattle keeping communities in the country.

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