Two girls raped in Mundri

By Bullen Bala Alexander

At least two girls under the age of 15 and 17 have been raped at gunpoint by men in uniform in Mundri the former Amadi State of Western Equatoria on Tuesday.

In a phone interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Maj. Gen. Elia Kosta Faustino, the police commissioner in defunct Amadi State confirmed that the incident happened on Tuesday at 12:15 AM.

“On Tuesday at around 12:15am, the group of 8 armed men entered in certain home in an area called Lotoral in Mundri looting three phones, one solar panel and radios including money.”

“After they have done all these, while on their way back from where they came from, they took the two girls with them to bush and raped those two girls, after rapping them the two girls left to go back home,” Maj. Gen. Kosta explained.

Maj. Gen. Kosta, the police commissioner revealed that the two girls belong to one family and the two are getting treatment in the hospital.

He said when the incident was reported to police, the police were able to rush to the area and investigated the instance.

According to Kosta, they arrested six men including four (4) men in uniform and two civilians are currently under police custody and waiting for investigation.

“We have arrested those six men and we are still looking for the other two men because it is our mandate as police to make sure that those people are brought to book so that they face justice,” Maj. Gen. Kosta added.

Maj. Gen. Kosta urged the family to be patient as police continue to investigate the instance.

He called on all the men to stop such behaviors saying raping is against law and is a crime by the law and urges men to respect women.

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