Two for SSFA race disqualified

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The race for the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) Presidency has been reduced to four candidates after two others were disqualified from the battle.

The two are Yohanis Musa Pouk the former SSFA vice President of ex-President Chabur GocAlei and Shafiq Gordon Ali Botala.

This came after SSFA Electoral Committee released initial list of the candidates for the posts of the President and Deputies for the upcoming elections over the weekend.

According to the SSFA electoral process, the submission of the applications for the position of the presidency and deputies closed on 30th of last month.

A total of six submissions were received for the position of SSFA Presidency including five vice presidents and fourteen applications were received for the position of various members of theboard of directors according to the committee’s list.

“The committee after having examined the candidates in accordance with article 8 of SSFA Electoral Code 2012 (amended 2021), has unanimously decided to publish the initial list of the candidates;

“LualMalukLual, Peter AchuilAdoding, AugustinoMaduotParek, and incumbent SSFA president Francis Amin Michael were the candidates whose names were approved by the SSFA-EC,” Mr.Abbdallah A. Delesuk the secretary for the SSFA Electoral Committee revealed.

He said after examining the applications, the electoral committee found that two candidates did not fulfil the SSFA election criteria and  were excluded.

“The two are Shafiq Gordon Ali and Yohanis Musa Pouk, however, they two have the chance to appeal to the Appeal of electoral committee,” Mr. Delesuk added.

He further added those who applied for the vice president position, after examinations by the electoral committee, no one was excluded adding that all were able to fulfill the electoral criteria.

“In the position of vice president, we have MakurMajokKariom, Charles UdwarUkech, Deng MunyluakMonjour, AbdalrahamanCholYel and VenasioAmum Deng Ajak,” he mentioned.

Clement Louis Anthony the vice Chairperson for SSFA Electoral Committee noted that anyone who was not stratified with the decision of electoral committee had chance to appeal to the Electoral Appeal committee.

“Appeal against any decision of electoral committee is allowed but it shall be lodged only to the Electoral Appeals Committee; and any appeal or objection duly motivated shall be sent to the General Secretariat of SSFA,” he said.

He warned that, anyperson seeking to appeal or object shall present their memorandum in a prescribed manner, as such, disclosing the subject matter and section of law in breach.

According to the committee, the appeal day started yesterday (Sunday) of July 4th and ends on Tuesday 6th of July, 2021.

Brief about the four remaining candidates;LualMalukLual a former South Sudanese international football referee.

Peter AchuilAgoding is former President of Atlbara Football Club, Simba FC and Amarati FC.

Gen. AugustinoMaduotParek was a former director of passport and immigration and founder of Citizen Football club that plays in the second division of the Juba local league and he is also the current president of the Juba Local Basketball association.

Francis Amin the incumbent South Sudan Football Association are among the candidates who’s their requirements meet SSFA electoral code.

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