Two dead bodies found in Nyirol County

By Deng Ghai Deng

Jonglei State experts have reported two dead bodies of the same the sex boys have been found in Nyirol County.

According to the authority, the deceased were abducted earlier with 47 heads of cattle earlier in Uror County. 

Speaking to Nyirol County commissioner James Bol Makuei the bodies of at least two of the four boys who went missing in Uror County last week have been found between Karam and PadingPayam by a group of young men who were hunting for those suspected of kidnapping the boys.

“The Payam administrator gave me a report that the two kids who were abducted have been found dead, they  were found dead when the youth who went after raiders came back from the bush.”  Makuei said

Meanwhile, Tang Chatim, the Uror County Commissioner, said he had not been informed of the discovery, adding that the four boys, aged between 12 and 14, had gone missing last week while herding their cattle on the outskirts of MototPayam in Uror County.

“I didn’t get information from my Payam Administrator in MototPayam and its BomaPulngere where the children were abducted. They were abducted with about 47 heads of cattle,” Chatim said.

Last week, the authorities in Jonglei state said they had managed to convince a large number of Lou Nuer young men who were on revenge attacks in the Greater Pibor Area to return to Jonglei state. Commissioner Chatim said the recurrence of child abduction and cattle raiding might lead to more violence.

“If there are more attacks and road ambushes this will lead us to what was demanded by youth when they came back. They told me that ‘commissioner we listened to you and came back but we don’t want the abduction to continue. So my message lets us continue to implement the peace [deal] which was signed in Pieri and revived in Bor and Pibor.”  Chatim added.

Nyang Korok, the deputy head of the Greater Pibor Area’s human rights commission, condemned the attacks in Jonglei State and reiterated that the Greater Pibor government is committed to working for peace.

Last month, authorities in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area warned that youth in parts of Jonglei state were mobilizing to attack the area. Jay AdingoraAlual, the minister for information in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, has welcomed efforts by Jonglei state to convince young men instead to work for peace. 

Alual said authorities in Pibor have dispatched security forces to the villages to monitor the situation and arrest those who arrive in the area with abducted children or cattle.

“Identification of abducted children is the most difficult part because you don’t see someone that can respond positively within a short period of time. You have to send people to find out and gather information and when you confirm that the information is true, this is where you will take action. Now the chief administrator is planning to go to the northern part in Nanaam, he was there in December and he went to go again, and he is also planning to dispatch all the cabinet to different counties within the area.” Alual said.

Cattle raids, child abductions and reprisal killings are a common occurrence in Jonglei and the Greater Pibor Area. In March 2020, a community-led goodwill agreement between the Lou Nuer, Murle and Dinka Bor ethnic communities was reached at a peace conference held in Uror County. Traditional leaders, women, youth and cattle camp leaders attended the conference and discussed compensation for lives lost and the return of abducted women and children.

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