Two communities in Torit State reconcile

By: Elia Joseph Loful 

Two communities, Leteji of Tennet community and Mura-Lopit village have agreed to reconcile after two years of tension over cattle which were stolen by both sides.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Sunday, a member of parliament at the national level representing constituency number 5 former Eastern Equatoria, Victor Omuho Ohidei said the communities have accepted to co-exist together without further aggression.

“The two communities are now in total peace with themselves. As you are calling now, we are handing over the animals that were stolen to the owners,” he said.

The reconciliation was led by 5 five government officials sent by the State government, religious leaders and community chiefs.

He said that all cattle from both side were retrieved and handed to rightful owners saying they were committed to resolutions that came out of the reconciliation program.

“We have told them no peace without commitment, they said yes they are committed to implement all the resolutions of this peace agreement,” Omuho explained.

The MP further said that the reconciliation they conducted was not just for the two communities but for all the communities residing in Eastern and Nothern Lopit areas.

“This peace is not only between Mura and the Tennet people but it is for all the neighboring villages of Lohobohobo, Ihirang, Logonowati, Locharuk, Loluro and up to Ngabori,” he emphasized.

A member of parliament at the state level representing constituency 5 Lopit North at State level, Severino Maira Janus said he was appealing to the communities of the two areas to live in peace wherever they are.

“My message to all the people from Lopit and Tennet to co-exist and live in peace and harmony so that we can move freely. I want them to be calm, I want them to embrace peace,” Maira said.

When asked on the incident that led to the alleged killing of two men from Lohitojo village over land disputes with Locharuk, he said calm has returned to the area and people were moving peacefully.

“As a team that came from the State headquarters, we managed to restore calm to the two communities and stop the tension and they have accepted not to fight any more,” he said.

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