Two communities accept reconciliation

By Mabor Riak Magok

Two communities of Aper clan and Pankuolin Yirol West County, Lakes State promised to reconcile after clashes which left four people dead and four wounded on Tuesday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Mayor of Yirol West County, BalangArokDakbai said the reconciliation committee engaged representatives of the two communities to talk to their community to cease inter-communal conflict.

“Yesterday, I went with the representative of two clans in the village so that they talk to their communities to stop revenge killings and fighting between them, and the two communities have accepted that they will reconcile with each other but they neededthe culprits to be apprehended and taken to court of law,” said Mayor Arok.

BalangArokDakbai said he is in contacts with the newly appointed commissioner of Yirol West County over how the peace and reconciliation can be maintained between the two clans.

However, the Acting Executive Director of Yirol West County Daniel IchokDhieu described the incident as a revenged attack.

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