Two arrested in possession of 1.8 million fake US dollars

By Chany Ninrew

The National Security Service yesterday arrested two suspected criminals in possession of 1.8 million fake US dollars and a counterfeit machine.

This was confirmed by the information department of the National Security Service in a press conference in Juba.

Speaking to the media shortly after the operation, John Kumiri who is an officer at the national security service said the suspected culprits are Liberian and South Sudanese nationals respectively.

“Daniel Brown Nema, a Liberian and Joseph Daniel Deng who is a South Sudanese have been arrested on ground of possession of fake United States dollars amounting to millions and a counterfeit machine,” said John.

Meanwhile, John cautioned that there are several money launderers who are still at large and he vowed on behalf of the security force to crackdown on them until they are brought to book.

“We will fight tooth and nail to bring those culprits to book,” he added.

For his part, the Liberian Daniel Brown confessed to the media that he had been dealing in the illegal business since 2016, but his partners in crime left the country in 2018.

If convicted, the two suspects will face up to seven years in prison.

According to international observers, South Sudan has not yet undertaken robust anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing standards.

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