Two armed men arrested in Maridi State

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

Authorities in Maridi State said they have arrested two armed men who claimed to be forces belonging to Thomas Cirilo-led National Salvation Front (NASS).

Yesterday, a passenger vehicle going from Amadi State to Maridi State was ambushed when they have entered the Maridi territory.

Sources familiar with the incident said two women got injured and some other men were abducted by the armed criminals.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone from Maridi State Capital, Africano Mande’ Gedima, the Maridi State Governor confirmed the incident.

“It was yesterday (Monday) there was vehicle from Juba going to Maridi and reaching to the place where these armed criminals carry their activities, they stopped the vehicle, looted items,  and kidnapped some three to four men,” said Mande’

 “After the other vehicle which was from Amadi State to Maridi came under attack after they stopped the vehicle, the driver refused to stop and immediately they opened fire on passengers, which resulted to injures,” he explained.

He said after the forces, who were patrolling the place heard the gunshots; they had to rush to rescue them.

Mande said their forces managed to capture two from their groups and they were taken for further investigation.

“Yes, the two were here with me in my house, but after here I hand them over to the security agencies for more investigations, but according to information I got from them, all of them claimed to belong to Thomas Ciril’s group.”

He further noted that it was not first time for such thing happening in Maridi State adding that it has been there over the last five years.

He said over the years the authorities have been facing these challenges and even capturing some of these groups and then they always claimed to belong to some groups, which is sometimes not true.

The Governor did not reveal how many people were abducted all together in Monday’s attack but only said about three to four people, including the driver were captured in the first vehicle.

He said the force still running after them adding that people can move with their normal business because his soldiers are there patrolling the highways that connects Maridi with other states.  

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