Two administrative areas coronavirus free since outbreak

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Ministry of Health has revealed that there are only two areas in the country which are coronavirus free since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Though the country reported its first ever coronavirus case on 5th of April, there are Pibor and Ruweng Administrative Areas which have never reported cases up to now according to the Ministry of Health even if the outbreak had surged in the past few months.

Dr. Mathew Tut, the Director of Preparedness and Emergency response, also the Director of Emergency Operations Center told the press weekly briefing on Sunday that the aforesaid areas have not reported positive cases though they have had alerts.   

He stressed that all other parts of the Country including the States and other locations had confirmed positive cases of the pandemic.

Dr. Tut revealed that even if they have had first serious alerts from Pibor town, he revealed all returned negative after testing.

“We had to send the national team from Juba to Pibor to do investigation on some previous alerts; they collected the samples and brought them to Juba for testing but as a result, all of them tested negative,” the health expert explained.

Dr. Tut added that Ruweng Administrative Area which also had alerts in the past months has had the samples returning to negative too.

The Health professional revealed they were considering installing testing machines to such locations to strengthen the response capacity.

“As a plan of decentralizing the testing, we are in a plan to make sure that GeneXpert Machines are operational in those areas so that if there are alerts, they can be investigated and tested locally to boost the response,” Dr. Tut said.

Dr. Thuou Loi, the official Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health said the decline in the number of coronavirus cases was not supposed to be presumed as the subsiding of the pandemic in the country.

He said the coronavirus pandemic was still active in the country as community infection escalates. 

Currently, South Sudan has 2,504 confirmed cases of coronavirus among which 47 are fatalities and 1,294 as recoveries.

Dr. Loi called on the country to maintain non-pharmaceutical intervention especially observing social distancing, wearing masks, and adhering to proper hand hygiene. 

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