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Twic East counties upgrade community roads


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The authorities of Twic East Counties have started upgrading the community roads from Panyagor throughout the five counties of Greater Twic East up to Pakeer Payam.

This came after more than 50 houses were blustered off by flooding in some counties of Twic East last month.

Twic Central County Commissioner Dau Akoi Jurkuch told Juba Monitor on Friday that the whole community was worried about the effect heavy down pour during the rainy season.

“The rain has now approached. We are very worried about it. This is why the community have come up with this initiative in order to assist ourselves before any destruction by rainfalls simply because prevention is better cure,” Jurkuch said.

He revealed that the initiative by the government of Jonglei State to rehabilitate the roads throughout Jonglei areas was a great idea since it was too late for them to keep waiting yet flooding was greatly affecting the people.

He said the road rehabilitation would enable the citizens access the five counties for businesses.

“We want to reach our people in inaccessible areas. We want to reach with humanitarian assistance quickly,” Jurkoch said. “It will also help people for easy referrals of patients from the payams to the county main headquarters for treatment.”

Jurkuch appealed to the Twic East citizens to back up the community initiative.

“I am appealing to the citizens of Greater Twic east where ever they are to join hands and support the community initiative. This initiative will help your parents and relatives in the villages. Come and assist them in order to live and enjoy their lives well.”

According to the commissioner the workers were already in Wangulei advancing to Ajuong and Pakeer payams through Lualajokbil and Pawoi areas.

He added that they were looking forward to controlling flooding to ensure that the people at the grassroots were safe from natural disasters.

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