Neighbors should be friends since they know themselves better. When united, a stranger cannot come from somewhere to steal or kill. If such happens, it means there’s an unfaithful and ungrateful neighbor. In other words, what it means is that if you are attacked but the neighbors don’t help, it shows that you have not been in good terms and maybe they might have been giving support to the strangers against their neighbors.

This is an example that should not happen between good two friends who trust each other.

In the same way, Dinka Ngok and Twic communities are good neighbors, and friends in need and should help one another instead of fighting. However, when a tempting time came, they clashed and destruction happened. That should not happen between neighbors who have been in peace for many years.

No one was happy to see peaceful communities for reasons that could be solved at the table of brotherhood.

The President formed a committee last month to investigate the violence, and the steps are taken surely came with positive results. Now the two communities have accepted peace and abide by the agreement. The paramount chiefs of the two communities Bulabek Kuol of Dinka Ngok and Deng Mayen Deng promised that they would continue to live in peace and harmony just like they have been coexisting since long time ago.

Brothers, friends, and neighbors fight but they always try to identify their problems, air out grievances through dialogue, and stick to their promises of living together again. It is a crucial decision that the civilians and the leaders of the two communities should be appreciated.

Peace has returned to the people of Ngok and Twic. The next thing is the rehabilitation of destroyed houses, restoration of hopes, trauma healing, and capacity building for the people, especially the IDPs.

The government and humanitarian organizations as well as business people could intervene to provide basic needs to the people of the two communities to resettle and start a new life.

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