Twi community condemns Chueth – Akueth Island conflict

By: NemaJuma

The Twi People in the diaspora have raised concerns over the persisting fighting in a small island between Jonglei and Eastern Lakes States.

The fighting between the two communities of Ador of Ciec and Adhiok of Twi East started in December last year over the ownership of the island.

The fighting killed two youth and several others injured.

According to the statement from the Twi Community in Diaspora, Deng Chol Riak, the Chairperson of the community strongly condemned the conflict between the two communities.

He called on the two communities and their leadership to ensure that the disagreement is deescalated timely and amicably.

 “Solution should be found to prevent the situation,” Deng said.

“We want to remind the two communities publicly about the importance of shared stories and mutual relationship marked by the generation of intermarriages, barter trade   and shared territories and resources,” Deng said.

According to Deng the violence in the island happens daily and has claimed lives of thousands of people but nothing has been done by the authorities to calm down the situation.

According to the Presidential Press Unit last week, the National security Committee shared by President Salva Kiir Maryardit also discussed the conflict between Jonglei and Eastern lake states on Chueth-Akueth Island.

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