Twenty women graduate in vocational skills

By Baraka John

Twenty women drawn from different women’s groups in Yambio have successfully completed three-months training on tailoring to enable them be self-resilientin the community.

The twenty women were awarded with certificates and sewing machines each.

The three months training was conducted by Self Help Women Development Organization(SHWDO),an indigenous civil society organization based in Yambio.

Grace William Bakata the executive director of the organization, said the training aimed at empowering women who have registered in groups to be self-reliant.

“Women have to be empowered in order for them to avoid over dependency on their husbands all the time, when a woman is empowered with livelihood skills, it helps relieve burden on her husband,”Ms.Bakata expressed.

Teresa Woduapai one of the beneficiaries of the training, saidbefore enrolling for the training, she did not know how to operate the tailoring machine.

“I was chosen from my association (Anituna women group) to attend the training, now I am ready to begin sewing cloths and the money I will be getting will help my association and part of the money will also help my family,” Mr. Wonduapai stated.

Anna Richard Paul another beneficiary, encouraged her colleagues to form more associations for them to get empowered.

“This sewingmachine is a source of money to me and my association, before I join women’s group,I was idling at home waiting only for my husband to provide for house needs and my needs as a woman, but now after acquiring these new skills, I will begin catering for my needs and somehow for the family,”Ms. Paul expressed happily.

Anna said she will share the skills acquired with her fellow women in the association.

“Now I am going to act as a trainer in my associationto train my fellows who don’t have the skills because if they fall sick or travel out Yambio they can take over and continue with service to generate money for our group,” she added.

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