Twenty-two rebels killed in Wudu

Twenty two rebels have been killed, 16 AKM’s and one Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) were recovered after a rebel attack on SPLA positions in Wudu town in Greater Kajo-Keji.

SPLA Acting Spokesperson Col. Santo Domic Chol told journalists that the rebels attacked their positions at around 5:00 AM. on Thursday and the fighting lasted for three hours. “Following this attack by the rebels, the SPLA was left with no option but to fight in self-defense and managed to repulse the attackers”.

Col. Chol further said the situation is now under control and civilians in the nearby villages were not affected by the fighting.

“Rebels have continued to violate the unilateral ceasefire declared by the government by carrying out systematic and aggressive provocative attacks against SPLA defensive positions and the civilian population in the villages and what transpired on the 29th June is a clear violation,” Chol said.

He reiterated SPLA’s commitment to the ceasefire despite the rebel provocations and added that the national army will only fight in self-defense.


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