Twenty suspected cattle raiders arrested

By Mabor Riak Magok

At least twenty suspected cattle raiders have been arrested in Eastern Lakes State, authorities have said.

Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency Simon Tueny Mabor said the suspects would soon be tried in the court.

“We have 20 suspected cattle raiders arrested by the organized forces in Eastern Lakes State over cattle raiding and road robberies. These culprits will be sent to court for trials,” Mabor said.

The official said the security situation along the borders with neighboring states of Amadi and Western Lakes was still calm.

But he did confirm that cattle raiding was on rise, “The raiding activities are still on rise, even yesterday suspected cattle raiders from Western Lakes State went to Anual area of Eastern Lakes State in an attempt to raid and over 40 herds of cattle were rescued by the cattle owners,”  Tueny said.

The Minister urged the people affected by the intra-communal violence in Eastern Lakes State to remain calm and cease from cattle raiding.

The authorities in Eastern Lakes State earlier established special court in Yirol to try cases of killing, properties and cattle thefts.

Tueny also called on neighboring communities of Western Lakes, Amadi, Terekaka, Jonglei and Southern Liech states to respect the Revitalized Peace Agreement signed by the leaders.

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