Twenty students to study and work in Israel

By Kidega Livingstone

At least 20 students selected from various Public Universities countrywide are ready to go to Israel to study agriculture while working in different agricultural sectors in Israel.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Ambassador of Israel to South Sudan, Hanan Goder said that selected students will travel next month to go and participate in the “Learns and Earns Scholarship” offered by the government of Israel to South Sudanese students.

“These students will spend one year and eleven months and they will participate in a project called Learn and Earn because the students are going to work five days a week in Agricultural sector and study in college for one day in a week,” said the Israeli ambassador.  “They will come back to South Sudan with two things, knowledge and some money they will earn.”

He stressed that the project will give opportunity to the students to start their own businesses in Agriculture when they come back. “Agriculture is not a hobby, it is a profession, agricultures is a business. If you put SSP 10 on the ground and then you will collect SSP 100 if you don’t invest you cannot collect,” said Goder.

South Sudanese Ambassador to Israel, Marial Benjamin welcomed the initiative, saying the relationship between South Sudan has reached high level which has strengthened the two nations in terms of trust and development in all sectors especially in agricultural sector.

“The Prime Minister of Israel, Mr Benjamin met our President Salva Kiir for very many times and they are in contact all the time that shows that there is  very good relationship between the people and the leadership of the two Countries,” said Benjamin.

However, Diana Butros  one of the students, said the opportunity came to them  following the cooperation between President Salva Kiir and the Ambassador of Israel Hanan Goder who gave them hope to go and work while studying agriculture in Israel.

“We are really happy that we are going to study and earn something so that when we come back, we can start  businesses  and we can contribute to development in terms of agriculture and economic status,” said Diana Butros.

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