Twenty local engineers undergoing training at China Aid


Some of the engineers with Peng Honghiu at Juba Teaching Hospital (Photo by Morris Dogga)

By Morris Dogga

About twenty South Sudanese engineers are undergoing one month internship training at Juba Teaching Hospital as part of South Sudan-China friendship.

The engineers are from different fields that included electrical engineers, missionary, civil engineers and plumbing.

They twenty engineers were selected by as association dubbed South Sudan- China friendship Association (SSCFA).

The association is a South Sudanese based. It focuses on people to people relationship between the people of South Sudan and China.

It also links South Sudanese to scholarships offered by the people of China. It deals with private companies and individuals.

The engineers were handed to the China Aid project on Monday last week by the South Sudan- China Friendship association.

The representative of the associations Dut Abednego told Juba Monitor that his association is working closely with the Chinese embassy to equip South Sudanese with the necessary knowledge.

“They will do internship for 1 month after which those who performed better would be given opportunities,” he said.

According to Dut another team would be recruited for three months once the current barge finishes.

“This is why we establish our office. “to make sure that we promote people to people relationship. We want to make sure that South Sudanese engineers come closed to the Chinese Engineers,” he added.

The association has so far sent about sixteen South Sudanese to China on different scholarships. Some more eight people are expected to leave for China in the next few days.

Dut said his associations were looking towards promoting South Sudanese businessmen and women to opens shops in China.

“We need to promote the traders so that they can be able to open shops in China,” Dut said.

“We want to encourage our traders so that they can go to purchase their good from the manufacturers,” he lamented.

Peng Honghiu, a Civil Engineer working at the China Aid project at Juba Teaching Hospital underscore the importance of training the South Sudanese Engineers.

Peng said he was focusing on mentoring the South Sudanese young men to become better engineers.

“I want to teach the South Sudanese so that they would be able to take over when we leave the country,” Peng said.

25 years old Deng Agany Aguto is one of the twenty engineers attending the training.

Deng said he was very happy to attending the internship training with the Chinese Engineers.

He said that fact he had a degree in electrical engineering, it was important to learn the modern machines used in the construction.

“It is a very good start between the two countries. I hope that one day the country will become peaceful so that we can fulfil our dreams,” he said.

“In South Sudan we are really very far from the modern technology. We are still using the technology of the 1960s but now things have change,” Deng added.

“If we are given the opportunity, we can do what we want to do,”

South Sudan- China Friendship Association is a diplomatic organization that deals with people to people relationship.

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