A foot for thought

Twelve women,men to be killed in Oguruny village bad indication

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It was abad news to hear that 12 women and men were killed in Oguruny village according to information reaching the media. It was unfortunate to hear the numbers of women who were killed while they were innocent people in the village. In the past years women were not being killed, instead people protected them and children in war zones. Their safety was considered in both sides of the fighters because they knew women were not for any revenge like men.

Nowadays, these respects are not given to women, in any killing or fighting areas. Women are killed even the facts that they are not carrying guns or fighting any person compared to men. We need to be careful in killing women otherwise those who killed them are looking for misfortunate in their lives. Women are mothers, wives and sisters to men. God created them to be suitable partners to men not to be killed.

  Killing them is not good it reflect bad image in the areas. It is not the responsibility of any person to do away with the lives of human beings. They reflect image of God and have roles to play for the development of this country.  Twelve of them is a large numbers intermsof humanresources. Now their absence has left gaps in the families, those who killed them have left suffering in their families and in the communities.

If number of women are less in the village or in any place, it would affect production in the County. Those who killed women did not put in mind that they killed their mothers who gave birth to them in this world. Those women could have done a lot in the village and added numbers of people in the families.

As it was revenge killing, let people not pay back to perpetrators or their relatives, it is the role of the authorities to bring them to book. Revenge with revenge cannot help us at this moment. Government should make sure that such killing wasstopped in the village and elsewhere. It is better to maintain peace and stability in the villages.

May God bless us all.

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