Twelve people killed, eleven wounded in Tonj state

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Authorities in Tonj state said 12 people had been killed and 11 others wounded last Sunday by suspected cattle raiders from neighbouring state.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone from Tonj state yesterday, William Wol Mayom State Minister of Information said suspects raided over 224 heads and killed 23 cattle at Akop County.

He called on the neighbouring authorities to ensure that those cattle were taken back to the owners.

“We don’t encourage conflict but good cooperation between the two states. Killing of innocent people will not develop our country let us work as South Sudanese,” Wol said.

He also added, “We are not enemies to our neighbours, we are one in government, we are in peace so we are sorry to lose lives of innocent civilians.”

Tonj state information Minister appealed to the national government to disarm civil population to prevent the reoccurrence conflict between the two states.

According to Wol, the people who are creating fears and insecurity in the areas were those living at the cattle camps.

“I call upon our youth to stop killing innocent civilians and respect their dignities,” he said.


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