Twelve dead, several others missing in boat accident

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least nine people have been confirmed dead and others missing after two boats collided along River Nile between Juba and Bor town of Jonglei State on Wednesday night according to the local authorities.

Other report indicates that three other bodies were found floating on water at Guolyar boats docking point yesterday amid several others who were missing.

An eye witness told Juba Monitor on Thursday morning that the dead toll has increased to twelve people as opposed to initial confirmed number by the authorities.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Jonglei Information Minister, Atong Kuol Manyang confirmed the incident, saying the authorities confirmed nine dead faults besides other circulation of the increment.

She affirmed one of the affected boats with raptly 75 passengers and other goods aboard sunk after it was heated in a collision as they collided with a boat set to Juba from Bor.

The information minister figured out that most of the people died by drowning as some were struggling for their lives after the breakdown.

“There were 75 passengers onboard according to the report we have obtained from the manifest. Out of that number, nine people were confirmed dead, two others sustained injuries, one person missing and 65 people survived,” she explained.

Though the authorities confirmed one person to have been missing in the accident, other reliable sources from the boat management revealed that at least nine people were missing after the overall assessment on Wednesday.

Ms. Manyang stated that if such number was missing, then the number in the boat was greater than the statistical number indicated in the manifest obtained by the authorities.

“We have also received an unconfirmed reports of that kind, however if it is part of this accident, then it means that there were other people on the boat who went uncounted,” she said.

According to Ms. Manyang, two people among the dead were believed to be foreigners who normally trade along River Nile.

She expressed disappointment over the gigantic loss to the people of South Sudan and its neighboring countries nationals in the crash.

The casualties who passed on were said to have been basically children and women.

The collision was at Majok-Jeih area of Bor next to the border between Jonglei and Terekeka states at around 11pm on Tuesday night.

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