Tutu rocks fans as the concert sells out

The football concert beat all the odds as it sold out all the selected venues of Mask Bar and Bistro, Secret Corner, Vegas, Dehavana and Landmark hotel respectively.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Promoter Sam Loku of Rock Stars Promotion, the company that handled the concert till the last day, said the event has ended peacefully and thanked the fans for their massive presence.

“The football concert went on well. The fans proved to Tutu Baibe that they have her full support,” he said. “It was one of a wonderful event, we rock forever and whoever attended the concerts will tell you how it has been,” Promoter Sam told the Juba Monitor.

Tutu Baibe on Saturday after the show at Club Vegas described the Football concert as overwhelming.

“The Football concert was amazing and it showed how much love South Sudanese have for their own artists. “People managed to show up even in places like Secret Corner that is far, and I really appreciate my fans and may God bless them all,” Tutu said

For John Agawu one of Tutu’s diehard fans said he wanted more football concerts. “I have been seeing Tutu’s photos on Facebook and listening to her songs on radios, when she stepped on stage at the Secret Corner I felt like carrying her high but I could not as I was drunk”.

Tutu Baibe whose real names is Irene Awien Mayuot  rose to fame with her “Achak-chak” song that rocked the air waves of South Sudan broadcasting radio in the late 2015.

By Mandela Nelson Denis





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