Turkish Ambassador vows to give support to the needy

Turkish Ambassador Erdem Mutaf

By Fatuma Asha Ali

The Turkish Ambassador Erdem Mutaf was speaking during the donation of food items at Divine Mercy Action that they will be stronger to give support to the needy people, children, and the women association.

“In Turkish tradition, we don’t go and visit friends with empty hands so that is why we try to bring the children food, education materials, and sometimes mattresses”

Mutaf said that the divine Mercy Action is now one of their partners and they visited them more than five times.

 “We brought materials, it is meaningful today because we are in the holy month of Ramadan which is the month of solidarity not only for Muslims but to all religions so we are very happy to be here again with father Paulino and Yasmin and also among these beautiful children” Mutaf noted

“Our trust is always with you and we will keep visiting DivineMercy Action these visits will not only be from the Turkish Embassy but also from TurkishRed Cross-Agency and next we will be here in June with TIKA as they will be arranging to donate some materials in accordance with your needs here.”

Mutaf concluded that this time they donated foodstuffs to the children and some sweets and this is a sign of solidarity from the Turkish people.

TipohPaulino, a co-founder of Divine Mercy Action said the number of the children varies, the highest number they have is 100 and the lowest is 76, adding that the children are from different parts of South Sudan, 7 of them whose mothers were sentenced to death some are born in prison and others are just homeless(street kids), some are from poor families where their parents cannot afford to look after them and some of the girls are found from the police custody.

“We have challenges in providing the needs of the children like food, medical care, and shelter, there are no good rooms, and some of the children are sleeping under the tent because we don’t have enough financial support to construct good rooms. Am making a call from well-wishers to support the children for their betterment.”Paulino stresses 

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