Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

News of the border opening with Ethiopia has brought a lot of anxieties and need for the people and by the people who at one time considered themselves a one people. Opening of borders are great for economic growth where both domestic and international players could enjoy the benefits. Just imagine the direction which was taking shape. South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia free visas and free movements in and outside the borders. With proper coordination, the light had started to shine at the end of the tunnel. This light should continue to be encouraged even when other areas are returning to the dark past like the current Sudan situation which should not discourage the move forward because all will be well where there is hope. The region and Africa should start engaging in their own affairs without external interference. Our weaknesses are always measured by the differences within us. Just imagine what the main borders in between the countries around could do to benefit from one another. As the immigration department talked of the opening of the entire border points between the two countries, Pagak is already in use and people around benefiting from the movements in and out of the area. When we were young we were told how people used to walk long distances in search of basics and other opportunities. They would cross rivers, mountains and valleys but they would not give up until they got what they wanted. Sometime this was done in groups or a lone adventurer. But whatever time it took they would return to their safe haven safely.Once we had of a man who went hunting and who took more than six years away and on return could not identify his own home. These were the folktales of our time because no one could go real hunting for that long period of time. It was simple reference that those days there was nothing barring entry to any destination as long as one could make it. There were no border checks as long as one could communicate his or her purpose and mission. There were barter trades between different communities and tribes, but as long as one could get their preferred items to take away with them there was no need to know or find out who and where one had originated from unless they turned out to be a danger or criminals   whose punishment was instant according to the law of the offended.It all meant that with free movements and association no one went hungry or lacked. This form can be brought back in a more modified ways that could only benefit the users. The more reasons that free movements without much restriction should be encouraged. This is what the borders opening would do to the beneficiaries and the countries involved. This is a menu for success which should not only be tried but taken up for a better future development.

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