Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo.

Sometimes it is not easy to please other people even if you try your level best to stay away from them. These are people who like shadow-boxing. They will never come to light and tell you on your face what they think of you. Instead, they will take any available opportunity with other people to discuss others. These kinds of people have particular name they are known of a name they are known of. I want to remain privy to this name because they may not like it or me. For now we must understand the science and the natural classes of life. Life can be so simple and less stressing if lived well with order and respect to others. It means we have to love one another, point out mistakes and suggest corrective measures’ where possible. No one can live in isolation and needs others to move on with life. I am tackling this matter because in most cases we tend to fail to understand other human beings even our own self. Human beings are interestingly made. They think and act differently. Some will heap praises in your presence while on being outside their sights they will turn against you with all types of innuendoes and un-authenticated claims. Even those you have helped in one way or another may not be able to appreciate your kind doing and gestures. In a nutshell one cannot please everybody. Therefore the message is very clear. Do what you can do best to your satisfaction, for yourself, your society and your nation without thinking of what others would say or judge you with because at the end of the day it is you and you alone who should know and be satisfied with the results of your work. In many a times, there have been cases of misjudgments against others which are sometimes far-fetched and without basis. It cannot be said that you know it all. For sometimes l had a hunch against someone l truly did not know. I could place or make very harsh judgment against him whenever his name came into conversations. I think l had some natural dislike for him. But alas, as fate would be, we found ourselves together for a longer period of time that made me reverse my earlier thinking of the man. Being with him this long l could not believe what other people had tried to make him look like. Though authoritative, the man was gentle and keen to listen. He had his way of getting out even a hidden secret from others or simply disarming your consciousness at that present moment and time. He was gentle and approachable and the other side that people talked about was his frankness and no mediocre or sycophancy in his life. His no was no and yes was yes. True this was a gentleman whom people mistook for being forthright. Nothing can make a man than these qualities. The adage of don’t judge a book by its cover came into my mind and l vowed never to listen to gospel of doom against other people until l make my own judgement.

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