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Prof. Eluzai Misleading Story

By Christopher Sebit



Prof. Eluzai Mogga, peace be with you. I read your concocted and misleading story about Lomega, the homeland of Arinyakono family in Arabic newspaper, AL-Watan of Tuesday 8th May 2018, issue No.697, p.6-7. Though I terribly disagree with your futile attempt to hide the truth, I still love and respect you as a human being. I appreciate your good spirit to participate in the burning debate if it is not intended to hamper the process of resolving Lomega conflict.

Being a primary party to the conflict, your participation in the debate is meaningless because you are working tirelessly to win the general public on your weak and staggering position. Your main goal is to manufacture false political stories with the intent to obstruct the conflict resolution process as you do not possess any genuine single evidence that support your shaky and doubtful negotiating position—a thing explaining why you are sticking to political backing from the state government. Yes, political favour is the only card you have. Wait for eminent intellectual defeat in the coming negotiation if you will not be afraid to show up at Lomega.

I was expecting a response to my opinion about the conflict through Juba Monitor, where I made extensive and comprehensive analysis of the facts underlying the conflict. Surprisingly, you shamelessly launched an attack on the truth contained in my previous three articles by trying to persuade the Arabic readers, who might have not read my superior, stable, authentic and perfect opinion, which has the ability to bring about better understanding of the conflict as well as increased successful opportunities for intervention by the concerned government authorities.

It is absolutely not true that you were born in Lomega. Likewise your claim of being one of the Anyanya One freedom fighters under General Tafeng and Joseph Lagu is a capital lie. Majority of the leading Anyanya One freedom fighters were the Lokoya. To mention a few of them: Saturlino Ariha Giant, Anjelo Bereng, Andria Lokudu, Arkangelo Legge, Anjelo Lojuhi, Joseph Amata Nadwa, Okilong Lojing, Timoteyo and Anania Loful. Joseph Lagu Knows these people very well. Andria Lokuduk is alive. He can be reached to give his testimony of the patriotic and leading role played by the Lokoya in the Anyanya One Liberation Movement.

Nobody can steal or deny the huge recognized contribution of the Lokoya in the liberation wars. Eluzai should not think that all the Lokoya who fought in Anyanya One Liberation War are dead, and therefore, he can easily go around grabbing their credit for empowering himself. He is not one of the freedom fighters and he will not be one of them as long as he maintains poor and confrontational relationship with the Lokoya leaders and intellectuals who greatly helped the Lulubo acquire the county they are enjoying today. History is a good lesson for Eluzai to reflect on.

If Lomega was a district where the office of the inspector general was located, what was the status of Lirya? Why was the B-Court transferred to Lirya? The fact is that Lomega was not a district as Eluzai would want the public to believe. Lomega is a plateau within Langabu Payam. Omega means the last letter of the Greek alphabet. On reaching Langabu, the English colonialist, Captain Cooke renamed the plateau as omega, meaning the last point of his mission. Subsequently, people with vested interest in the area added the letter “L” to the word and continue to call it “Lomega” in an effort to erase the original Arinyakono name of the plateau.

The family of Chief Lolik has not threatened the natives, traditional authorities and religious persons to leave Lomega with immediate effect. There are only three Lulubo persons living in Lomega (2 persons from Kworiji Mune family and one person from Kworiji Kurcha, brother to Eluzai). More than 15 grandchildren of Arinyakono family are living peacefully side by side with these three Lulubo persons in Lomega. These are the natives of the area. Eluzai, you are a perfect liar.  Which natives, traditional authorities and religious persons were threatened to leave Lomega? Were you not talking in terms of elusion?

It was not you, Eluzai who first sought intervention of the Governor into the conflict, but it was Anthony Wani Lolik who first complained to the Governor. The children of Lolik didn’t fail to provide evidence for their ownership of Lomega in front of the arbitration committee formed by the Governor. The purpose of that first meeting with the committee was to prepare the parties for real resolution process expected to take place in Lomega.

The resolutions of the first meeting were self-explanatory. They are: (1) Peaceful resolution of the conflict; (2) No escalation and magnification of the conflict; and (3) the settlement of the conflict is going to take place in Lomega. The arbitration committee didn’t recommend solution of the conflict according to consensus reached between the two traditional administrations from where the parties hail.

The statement that there are hired individuals with vested interests in Lomega conflict is a reciprocation of what I said in my analysis of the conflict published in Juba Monitor of Tuesday 24th April 2018. Sincerely speaking, the individuals with vested interests are the stakeholders like the Kworiji Kurcha and Mune families, Lulubo politicians, Archbishop Paul Benjamin Yugusuk and the Minister of Local Government (MLG) including the ECSS.

The primary parties to the conflict are not Langabu and Lokiliri. They are Arinyakono family and the two Lulubo families: Kworiji Kurcha and Kworiji Mune. To scandalously link the author to Lolik family and alleging that he challenged the decision of the Governor and of the MLG is unfounded implication that confirms Eluzai’s involvement in secret deals with some politicians running the administration of the state. The author is the son of the veteran Anyanya One freedom fighter, Arkangelo Legge Jada, who hails from Lirya. He is one of the Lokoya leaders and intellectuals, the secondary stakeholder to the conflict.

Lomega conflict did not originate in the Condominium rule as falsely claimed by Eluzai. Precisely, the conflict started in 1988, after the death of Chief Lolik Lado. And up to now, the conflict is 30 years old. There is no accurate and reliable historical record confirming the migration of Chief Lolik’s family from Nyangwara land. The reverse is true. The story relating to the migration of Nyangwara from Nyake Mountain in Lirya is popular among the Lokoya. If Chief Lolik’s family is said to have traced origin among the Nyangwara, then there is logic to conclude that it might have been left behind during movement from Nyake Mountain to the present Nyangwara location. Chief Lolik is a Lokoya.

Chief Lolik was not appointed in the place of Jada Loula, the son of Loula. He was appointed by Captain Cooke, the District Commissioner in 1935 to replace the rainmaker Abili Kamiru, the son of King Legge, who was combing both rainmaking powers and government powers. The flexibility of Abili in dealing with Monyomiji annoyed Captain Cooke to the extent that forced him to appoint his Mukungu of Langabu, Lolik Lado as government chief to replace Abili. The rainmaking power was left in the hands of Abili. This is the truth.

The traditional authorities will be there on the ground to observe the conflict resolution process and provide guidance to the parties to negotiate faithfully and reach a just and acceptable agreement on the ownership of Lomega. They have no powers to impose their own solution to the parties. The government arbitration committee is the only body vested with powers to take a decision that favours either of the parties after gathering enough evidence from the presentations made by the parties. If one of the parties is unsatisfied with the ruling or verdict of the committee, then the parties will resort to swearing. The secondary parties will attend the negotiation process leading to the resolution of the conflict as observers.

In conclusion, let Eluzai refrain from complicating and politicizing the process of resolving Lomega conflict. After all, he is unpopular among the Lokoya and Lulubo. There was no single occasion where he was seen participating in serving the interest of both Lokoya and Lulubo. The author enjoys credible respect among the Lokoya and Lulubo. The author’s enormous contribution in the struggle for Lokoya-Lulubo self-government is remarkable.

One of the greatest achievements of the author was his active participation in the enlightenment committee that toured the whole of Lokoya and Lolubo areas in three days. The committee was tasked with mobilizing the Monyomiji for “Joint defense” against child abductors. Another major achievement of the author is the research he conducted on the impact of child abduction on behavioral attitude, resilience, security and economy of the Lokoya-Lulubo people. This scholarly research provides accurate record of abducted children and persons killed and wounded. It is now being used for tracing out the abducted children. The author is a peace maker and builder in South Sudan! God bless the peace makers and builders! God bless Eluzai! Amen.

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