We respect the police and are obedient to the law of the land but when our rights are being infringed on then we have to stand and say a big no. On 28th last month Juba Monitor’s motorbike went missing in a police station which was under custody for offence of offences yet to be explained and on the demand of SSP 1,500. Our rider promised to take the money that morning having been arrested the previous evening and the bike detained at Buluk Police Station. It was not to be because that morning the rider was told that the motorbike was not there anymore. From then we have tried to follow up the case but to our dismay it seems obvious someone is working very hard to block or interfere with investigations. We are not interested in that, what we want is at least to be told or be given report of the investigations. It is abnormal to be informed of the loss of a property even if it is of little value which was under police custody. Indeed we have a good working relationship with the police and security organs. What Juba Monitor wants is to be told what the way forward is and who is the culprit that was seen taking the bike out through the security camera. This man or woman should be one known or identified by the security officers who were on night duty. It is unacceptable to be told otherwise because if property can get lost in a police station then what about the security of the citizens. Once again we are appealing to IGP and his top team to find out the truth about this case because it does not project good image of the force. Being told to open a case is a mockery of the highest order.


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