Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

This week the government did one thing which was long overdue, the establishment of Truth, Reconciliation and Healing Commission as laid out in the 2018 peace agreement. The commission is charged with ensuring peace, reconciliation and healing following years of conflicts since December 2013. On establishment, the commission has already put in place the work program and modalities for the mission ahead which would first start with visiting areas where the war or conflicts had caused mayhem with the view of taking stock in each area for proper program plan of action. One thing for sure the commission must understand that many people need their services. They must be dedicated and understanding because they are going to meet many cases arising from those traumatized and stressed beyond their expectations. Each one of us need the commission’s services. Weall need peace, we need to be reconciled and we need to be healed from the past agonies which are many and sometimes uncountable. But one thing stands out. If the commission could borrow a leaf fromRwanda where similar commission worked miracles to bring home and on board those who were in need of their attention. The commission should be prepared to work-round the clock because most people who require or who may need their services  are deep  in the rural area and might not even know that there is a commission set to help them recover and forgive one another. They might really struggle to understand the role and work that was going to be carried-out. It has to be accepted, however, that the unity government was moving towards the right direction by consolidating into action most of the chapters of the peace agreement for the well-being of the citizens and the country. Since the commission has just been established or in its infant stage it will really need support and openness from both the key players and the general public for its success and service delivery to the people in all parts of the country, including, the old and young. With collective effort the commission would find the work tolerable. They will definitely need security and peace in areas where they will be travelling and where they will be carrying out their work. This journey to peace has come a long way and it would be justifiable if all avenues are covered so that life could be restored back to normalcy among the larger population who faced with all kinds of past and present human disorders and problems. In their mission, the commission must learn to tolerate the challenges awaiting them and for sure they are many ahead there. The 34 members commission which is also to look  into human rights abuses and other factors related to human related cases should not leave any information even if flimsy but which can still help in making their work succeed. It is the wish and goodwill of the people that this commission succeed to restore sanity and assurance among the affected population.

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