Poiya Isaac Lagu, (LLM).

When I talk of south Sudanese, I am talking about the poor man / zol taban example; the widows, orphans, the older ages, bloggers, street children, grave diggers in the cemeteries not the Generals, Honourable (s) or Excellency (ies). Most of the poor men didn’t celebrate the 10thAnniversary of the independence for the Republic of South Sudan because they have no food, water and Houses, some are leading a horrific and desperate life in the flooded areas, they are hungry and angry. Celebration means there is at least something a little to drink and eat but; this people have nothing at all. So, they have nothing to celebrate, they are instead mourning their sufferings. They don’t know what the future has for them, they are counting their dark days.Although a few have celebrated the day. A poor man mayhave a talent not in some ways enough or not being successful or not having something as expensive to another. Or having insufficient material wealth to meet the basic daily necessities or comforts of life or to live in a manner considered acceptable in a community. To me; if you describe that some thing or somebody is a poor man’s thing or being, it means it’s less expensive to buy or of a lower standard example; this Car is of a poor man’s Roll Royce.

Therefore; a poor man or zol taban in Juba Arabic means a poor person who lives in poverty or impoverished state, especially the one who is needy or could be of a state of a pauper with indigent condition. A pauper is defined under Rule 6 (13) of the Code of Civil Procedure Act, 2007 and I quote “ a pauper is a person who is not possessed of sufficient means to enable him or her to pay the fees prescribed for the hearing of the suit or objection as the case may be where the application shall be supported with the list of movable / immovable property with estimated value, a declaration on oath as to the property possessed and inability to pay the prescribed fee, an authenticated certificate signed by two individuals in such a manner showing that the respondents are paupers.”In pauperism, the honourable Court shall proof the indigence of the plaintiffs or the plaintiffs shall proof that they were stricken by poverty (they are poor men) to the extent of lobbying support from the public to pay the Court fees in the future, after examining it, the Court may object it, dispauper the plaintiffs and summarily dismiss the suit.

Sometime, something of a poor man might be of a worse or cheaper condition because it means having little money or belongings, or lacking something. An example of a poor man could be a beggar, destitute, the idlers / habitually lazy human beings who are similar to a pulley which transmits no power but guides or tensions belt or rope…they are avoiding work, they are without purpose or effect…. meaning they are pointless…. they pass time in unproductive way…in General Engineering; they are called idle pulleys or idle wheel that only serves transmission of rotation from one shaft to another.A man who spends his or her time in inaction might be calling for poverty, everyman must struggle to bring food on the table for his family. I am not criticizing you! The ghettos, down -and -out being, the grave diggers, penniless and some body stricken by poverty for today is your day, another day is for somebody. The government should have a strategic plan for the poor man/zol taban to empower him/her.

The question is; which one is the poor man’s meat or soup? Something for a poor man/zol taban?His or her own…. a poor thing but his own.It’s usually of a cheaper type but more impressive in the eyes of man.While; for a wealthy man, it’s expensive, valuable and of high quality. Pulses are suitable as the poor man’s meat and soup as they are rich and nutritious with low cost. Hence; low-income populations can use this nutritious crop as staple food. So, something for a poor man when compared with that of another, it is not as good as that of the other; I think it must be something of a second thing, that’s of a poor man’s version.

Meanwhile; it’s yet to be proved whether the group of General (s), Honourable (s), Excellency (ies) and those educated may qualify to that of a poor man /zol taban! To me; these four groups of people doesn’t necessarily fit under the poor man / zol taban, because their daily income and allowance is high compared to that of the poor man; they are provided security guards,those educated are rich in the knowledge as they say “knowledge is wealth’…those educated can’t be referred to the poor men although they might not have the material belongings. While the poor man / zol taban has income less than one dollar and his security is vulnerably weak being exposed to the air and so to enemies. The poor man hardly brings food on the table for the family. Sometimes, he ends up drinking alcohol / the siko / guli / orogi using the little money because it can’t buy anything tangible from the market of Konyokonyo and Custom, thinking that he might forget his challenges; yet everybody out there has his own challenge (s).Eventually the poor man may destroy his own life, family and home. Most often; the poor man / zol taban is frustrated thinking that he was cursed by another or bewitched yet it might not be true. Sometimes he could ask himself why he was born in such a family or he has such parents? yet it might be his or her own contributions to the cause of his/her poverty.Forgetting that; each and every, struggles in your life contribute to relieving the symptoms of poverty.Most of our constitutional post holders ignore the true poor man / zol taban, they only need him when lobbying for power. Congratulations to the poor man/ zol taban. Be like a seed that grows with no sound, not a tree that falls with                                a huge noise. Work hard and you will grow saliently. God bless you!

The Author is a legal expert, he can be reached for commends on Tel; (+211)924086970, email; poiyaisaaclagu@gmail.com, Juba!

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