True love is a blessing in disguise

By Kulang Primo Sokiri

People who are in true love fall victims of their own negligence and inferiority complex.

A lady and gentleman’s relationship may be attractive and tight as a bond between two hydrogen atoms where the forces of attraction between the nucleus is extremely strong.

Because they truly love one another, their Biological feelings and emotions are suppressed due to the fact that;

The man who is the bread winner fears to express his feelings and emotions due to a dilemma that the lady (bread maker) may drop him because he is not patient and lacks self-control and only wants to satisfy his feelings.

On the other hand, the lady (bread winner) would never give in to his man because she too fears that she could be considered cheap and the man might turn his back when he has fully satisfied his feelings.

Under religious context, individual faith determines the weight of being either in Heaven or Hell, curse/blessing.

As drought of abstinence take course, humans become tempered in their quest to satisfy their deficiency needs (Maslow theory) such as air, water, food, sleep, sex, mention others.

As a result, they begin to gather wild fruits under their own shadows in the wilderness since the real bread is under preparation (reserved for marriage). It is in these wildernesses where rumours are harvested and people end up coming back with an empty basket painted with evidences of cheating. Then Loponi concludes that; true love is indeed a blessing in disguise.

Love is not a scarce resource therefore, invest and harvest when the heart is truly bonded because once the bond dissociates, it requires a great deal of energy.

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