Trucks stopped at Nimule Border amid hiking clearance taxes

By John Agok

The trucks carrying imported goods from both overseas and neighbouring Countries are reported to be stranded at Nimule the border point, pending clearing taxes that has been recently increased by National Revenue Authority (NRA) from 40 USD to 400 USD per heavy truck and 50 USD to 350 USD small vehicles.

The custom charging containers of goods raised an eyebrows and worrying common citizens for possible skyrocketing of prices in the markets soon.

According to invoice paid to custom Revenue Division seen by Juba Monitor in regards to implement recent noticed from National Revenue Division, which was dated December 9th indicated amount 300USD paid, and initially was only 150 USD.

Speaking to one of clearance agent at Nimule border who declined to be named for fear of repercussion, disclosed that, there are many more trucks via Mombasa stopped waiting new clearance taxes. Adding that, the new taxes might not be welcome by most truck drivers as it caught them on short notice.

However, the source also admitted that, the trucks coming via Malaba and Karuma are being allowed to pass as their tax clearance has been cancelled.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the   Custom boss Gen. Akol Ayii Madut during the press time but he responded to be on leave and said he is not aware of recent development at the border.

Notice from NRA read: Introduction of the Certificate of Destination. The Custom Division of the Republic of South Sudan’s National Revenue Authority wishes to notify at importers that as part of its commitment to consistently improve its service. The authority has actively digitalized  processedto enhance efficiency and transparency.

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