TRUCKS-Drivers in principles agreement

By William Madouk Garang

A deal has been reached between the government and trucks drivers to resume the operations. The trucks which have been striking at the Elegu border point were start moving yesterday but by last evening a source told Juba Monitor that the “agreement was in principles”

Among the listed agreement included assurance by the government to provide truckers with permanent escort unit to every fifteen trucks to and from.. The removal of unnecessary check point along the road to ease movement and one tax clearance office for trucksto avoid illegal collection of money from drivers.

Thousands of trucks meant for Juba remained parked at Elegu border point as drivers continued demanding for road security and their colleagues who were gunned down along the road compensated before crossing to South Sudan.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, the deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Deng Dau Deng said that the government delegation with representative from Kenya and Ugandan embassies met transporters and reached thedeal on Saturday.

“We had a team that travelled comprising of ambassadors from Foreign Affairs  South Sudan,Charge de ’affairs of Kenya andUgandaembassies and officials from Ministry of Defense and Interior met with truck drivers,

The meeting started from 3pm to 9 pm and they agreed on all proposals listed which was sufficient for the transporters to begin operations yesterday morning, he added.

He stated that the government had further move further to establish a sustainable permanent security escort team to all truckers that will be crossing along Juba – Nimule road to avoid killings and ambushes along highway.

 Deng stressed that the government rejected the notion of compensating those drivers who were killed along the highway citing that it was the responsibility of insurance companiesconfirming that if there was a further debate on the matter it would be between government to government.

“On issue of roadblocks, the IGP and SSDF had already cleared the road of all manners of the roadblocks,

On the issue of taxation the customs and National Revenue Authority (NRA) had been advice to have only one stop- shop where all taxations could be undertaken and not to be spread all along the road” he added.

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