Truck overturned, two injured

By Mabor Riak Magok

A long trailer truck overturned on Monday in Rumbek Lakes State injuring a driver and a constructor,traffic police officer in the State Awet Deng said.

The officer said that the two injured persons are receiving treatment at Rumbek state hospital.

“We went there to inspect and investigate what caused the accident, but we found out it was due to over speeding,” said officer Deng.

He said, the driver was injured on the leg and the head adding their condition was not bad.

“There were only two people in the car. A local driver and aChinese construction workerwere the ones who sustained minorinjuries,” he said.

He cautioned the drivers not to drive vehicles athigh acceleration which could result to accidents.

Rumbek State Hospital medical director in charge of surgical ward Teran Madit confirmed that the condition of two survivors was stable.

The medical director said the worst injured person will soon be taken to Juba for further treatment.

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